Foot/Ankle Success Stories

13 days after her procedure removing a bone spur, this patient reviews her results with Dr. Kenneth Bramlett. Prior to surgery. the patient admitted to having “excruciating” pain that she measured as a 9 out of 10 pain level. Following the surgery, the patient now has “no pain”.
Dr. Kenneth Bramlett of Birmingham, Alabama performs a foot surgery on a woman that couldn’t walk flat-footed for a year prior to having surgery. The patient can now walk flat footed even with the stitches still in tact.

We are here to help. If you are suffering from hip pain, we would love to deliver a diagnosis, get you treated and get you moving again.

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Case of the Week - Unicondylar Knee ReplacementDr. Bramlett explains the details of a Partial Knee Replacement

This procedure involves replacing a single compartment of the knee with a custom cobalt chrome implant. This allows for an easier recovery and simpler surgery by comparison to a full knee replacement.