Kenneth Bramlett MD in Birmingham Alabama draws elective international patients to the U.S. for minimal invasive orthopedic procedures (shoulder, hip, knee, foot, ankle and hand). and quality healthcare.

For the average person on the street, “international medical tourism” conjures images of the rich and fabulous getting nipped and tucked in a faraway country while recovering in a cabana by the pool.

The United States is a leading destination for medical tourists and one of the most popular healthcare destination worldwide. Dr. Bramlett has treated numerous international patients who come to the U.S. for minimal invasive orthopedic procedures.

Case of the Week - Unicondylar Knee ReplacementDr. Bramlett explains the details of a Partial Knee Replacement

This procedure involves replacing a single compartment of the knee with a custom cobalt chrome implant. This allows for an easier recovery and simpler surgery by comparison to a full knee replacement.