Let's Treat Your Knee Pain Today Dr. Bramlett has helped thousands of patients overcome knee pain. If you are experiencing knee pain, we are here to help. View our Knee Conditions Library. View Knee Conditions Let's Treat Your Shoulder Pain Today Persistent Shoulder Pain Can be debilitating. Dr. Bramlett specializes in treating all orthopedically related shoulder injuries. View Shoulder Conditions We can Relieve Your Hip Pain Dr. Bramlett has been treating hip pain for over 35 years. If you are experiencing hip pain, we would love to help you feel better! View hip Conditions Foot and Ankle Pain Doesn't Have to Keep You Down Foot and ankle pain doesn't have to keep you down. Dr. Bramlett is a foot and ankle specialist that treats a variety of foot and ankle conditions. View Foot/Ankle Conditions Let's Get Rid Of That Elbow Pain The elbow has a major impact on our ability to do basic functions with our arms. Dr. Bramlett treats patients experiencing elbow pain so that they can get back to doing the things they love. View Elbow Conditions Overcome Your Hand Pain Our hands are precisely functioning delicate machines. When we experience a hand injury, it is important that your hands are treated with a specialist's care. View Hand Conditions "Where is your orthopedic problem?"
Our Patients Say

“Dr. Bramlett literally saved my career and my livelihood. I had been to multiple specialist and had come to terms I would never play polo again. After a trip to Dr. Bramlett, my career has been fully restored and I feel better than ever."

Juan Martinez-Baez

Professional Polo Player


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Meet Dr. Bramlett

Dr. Bramlett is a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon. He has been a practicing orthopedic surgeon for over 30 years and has performed over 30,000 orthopedic cases. What sets Dr. Bramlett apart is his intense focus on the problems presented by his patients, and the effort he delivers to solve his patients’ problems in a simple and safe manner. It is his passion to solve patient problems big or small and to get them back to their preferred form of normal.

Dr. Bramlett's practice over the years has focused on:

Prevention of health problems orthopedic and medical that are causing a problem.

Preservation of joint and cartilage by using minimal surgical intervention to maximize patient’s care.

Performance of returning a child, athlete or adult back to normal as quickly as possible safely.

"76 year old Physician's Assistant has double knee surgery — Returns to work 2 weeks later..."

When it came time for Bill Parker, Dr. Bramlett's PA, to have a double knee replacement, there is no one else he would consider having perform it.

When Bill Parker entered into medicine, the knee prosthesis surgery had only been performed for 3 years. Some 49 years later, Dr. Bramlett places a prosthetic Conformis knee in Bill’s left and right leg simultaneously. Having performed over 50,000 procedures with Dr. Bramlett, there is no one more aware of Dr. Bramlett’s performance in surgery than Bill. Not only was the surgery successful, but Bill (76) returned to work just 2 weeks later.