Knee Conditions

Knee Conditions that Dr. Bramlett Treats:

Birmingham, Alabama Knee Surgeon

Dr. Bramlett is a Birmingham, Alabama-based orthopedic surgeon that has been treating knee conditions for over 35 years. Dr. Bramlett specializes in both surgical as well as conservative treatment for relieving knee pain. Dr. Bramlett is a Grandview Health affiliate and is proud to perform knee operations at Grandview Hospital as well as outpatient surgery at the Surgical Institute of Alabama.

If you believe you are suffering from one of these conditions, we would love to deliver a diagnosis, get you treated and get you moving again.

Are you interested in seeing other’s outcomes from knee treatment? View Dr. Bramlett’s success stories for knee treatment.

Case of the Week - Unicondylar Knee ReplacementDr. Bramlett explains the details of a Partial Knee Replacement

This procedure involves replacing a single compartment of the knee with a custom cobalt chrome implant. This allows for an easier recovery and simpler surgery by comparison to a full knee replacement.