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Trigger finger is a catching of the finger or thumb so that the finger will not straighten out and is painful when trying to straighten finger or thumb out.  It may release after working it or it may remain caught in a flexed or bent position.  It is caused by a knot which develops in the tendon preventing it from easily sliding through the pulley in the hand.  It can surgically be released if the pain and locking continue after taking anti-inflammatories or receiving a steroid injection.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is an entrapment of the median nerve causing numbness and tingling to the thumb, index finger, long or 3rd finger, and medial side of the ring finger.   It can even cause you to drop objects.  It is often caused by overuse or repetitive actions. Conservative treatment is often the answer, such as, wearing a cock-up wrist splint, starting hand therapy, changing repetitive actions, having a small injection of steroid, and using an anti-inflammatory medication.  You may be sent for a baseline evaluation of your strength and an EMG to see if any nerve damage has occurred. If conservative treatment does not relieve the symptoms, surgery may be required.  The surgery is known as a carpal tunnel release. It consists of clipping the casing around the nerve. By releasing the nerve, it can start doing its job again

Ganglion cyst is a pocket of tissue holding a clear jelly-like fluid.  It is a benign occurrence and the cause is unknown.  Conservative treatment includes taking anti-inflammatories or trying to remove the fluid with a needle.  If the cyst returns and causes pain, it can be surgically removed.

Dupuytren’s contracture is tissue which builds up around the tendon in the palm of the hand drawing the fingers into a position which makes it difficult to open and close your fists.  Conservative treatment includes exercises and splints. If conservative treatment fails, surgery is an option to correct the contracture.

Ulnar nerve decompression is a procedure which is used to relieve pain in the elbow that is caused by the ulnar nerve being trapped or compressed.  This procedure releases the nerve from its entrapment which will help relieve the pain in your elbow.

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