Success Story

Juan Martinez-Baez is a professional polo player that has formed his livelihood around horses. As a 20 year professional, Juan completely depends on polo and taking care of horses to support himself. Unfortunately, Juan developed a very rare condition that resulted in infection through his eyes and joints that would have ultimately resulted in his death.

With limited time, and infection in both his eyes and his joints, Juan knew that time was of the essence. Juan called Dr. Bramlett not knowing if he would ever be able to play polo again, but knowing that Kennie Bramlett could potentially help fix the issue he was experiencing. With swift action, Dr. Bramlett began troubleshooting what could be causing Juan’s limited eyesight and mobility. Dr. Bramlett was able to quickly determine that Juan was suffering from sepsis in his eye and joints that would ultimately lead to his death. After a brief ophthalmology consultation, Juan went into surgery to remove infection, as well as a spur that was limiting his shoulder mobility.

As featured in the top photo, Juan found out about Dr. Bramlett by their shared passion for polo. Dr. Bramlett and Juan have played polo together for years, and there was no question who Juan should reach out to in order to have his medical issue diagnosed properly. In fact, Juan is the only case recorded in history (only 25 cases ever recorded) to maintain his eyesight with the diagnosis he was given. Without Dr. Bramlett’s quick and efficient action, not only would Juan no longer be playing polo but he may not be alive at all.

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